What to do if the Dog Soils the Carpet and How to Get the Stains Out


You love your dog so much for he’s a real good confidant and buddy. Without protest, he’ll listen to you as if he really understands what you’re talking about. He’ll look at you as if he has some encouraging words to say. But when he soils the carpet inside your room or at the living room, you cannot help but be disappointed. If this case happened once, for sure you’ll be able to forgive. But if the case happens often, most probably it’s time for some dog house training. It is perhaps the perfect time to train your dog.

First, when this happens, take a deep breath. Most carpet stains from pets can be removed so do not get too stressed. If you find that dealing with pet stains automatically makes you angry and anxious, give yourself a reward for remaining calm, such as a nice massage therapy session at the local spa. It is imperative that you do not erupt in anger or berate your beloved dog, as it will only make matters worse.

Now aside from training your dog, how would you remove the stain out of your carpet? As you know, cleaning and cleaning the carpet are never enough to get rid of the smell and stain. To help you successfully remove the smell and stain out of your carpet, you can consider following the tips below.

Where Are the Soiled Areas?  

Determining the areas where the dog soiled is the first step to completely remove the smell out of the carpet. Clean such soiled areas thoroughly and completely because as long as your pet could smell his scent on the carpet, he will most likely continue what he’s doing in here.

To wash the soiled and stained items, add a pound of baking soda to your normal detergent. If possible, it is best to air dry the items. In the event you can still smell the urine or see the stain, wash the item again and add an enzymatic cleaner which can break down the pet-waste odor.

Removing New Stains

To remove new stains, you can:

  • Absorb the urine as much as possible through using paper towels and newspaper. The fresher the urine is, the easier it is to remove its odor. Put a thick layer of paper towels on the damp spot and cover it with a thick layer of newspaper. If necessary, you can also place newspaper underneath the soiled area. Stand on it for a while until the area is barely wet.
  • Thoroughly rinse the soiled area using clean, cool water. Right after rinsing, eliminate the water as much as possible through using a wet vac.

Removing Set Stains

  • Consider using a quality pet odor neutralizer. Make sure to initially read the instruction at the back of the product before using it. You can even test its effectivity through placing a little portion of the cleaner in another fabric to make certain it does not stain.
  • Using steam cleaners is not advisable to remove stain and odor from the carpet since the heat will permanently set the odor and stain.

It’s a hard work to finally be able to remove odor and stain from your carpet. So to make sure your dog will never do it again, spare some of your time practicing and training your dog to where he should pee and poop.

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