Types of dog which are suitable to be kept at houses

October 27, 2015Best Dog Types, Standard

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Dogs are very good companions of humans whose freeways and lovable attitude help us in having a better outlook on our lives. The task of making the choice of dogs is quite a big step of responsibility.

Here are a few breeds of dogs which can be provided dog training for being good pets-

  • Labradors and golden retrievers- these breeds have same temperaments, kind, protective and loyal. Retrievers are a bit small as compared to the Labradors but still both hold a calm nature and love to play. If there are kids at you place who wish to cuddle their dog, then these are the right choices as they love affection. Labradors are a bit aggressive towards other dog breeds but the retrievers generally get along with everyone else. Having the short hairs, Labradors are quite easy to comb but they become overweight with increasing age.
  • English bulldog- they are not the most energetic of the dogs, but are the most affectionate one. Such breeds of dog hold a very strong tendency towards protection of the things which are smaller than them. They are very sensitive so don’t be fooled by their relaxed nature. If they find you upset, then they will approach to comfort you. Such dogs are content when they find that their family and owner are happy.
  • Great Dane-for kids, such breeds are a big softies. They have high level of patience in them and tolerate the kids wanting to play with them. If exercise is considered, they love to do it and are quite protective for the families. The only disadvantage is with such breed is that their lifespan is of 10 years which might affect your family.
  • Beagle-for a young family, such highly energetic and fun loving breed is the best option. They are very affectionate and love to cuddle. Being sturdy, they can conveniently handle the rough housing t the time of play but won’t tolerate poking or hurting activities. Compared to other dog breeds, they are very social and enjoy time with all members of family.
  • Newfoundland-such dog breeds are considered to be very loving and protective. Being big enough can easily tolerate the tumble and rough play and are not bothered with the kid’s behaviour when they get out of hand. Also they are excellent as guard dogs. Also, they need a lot of combing and exercise and drool a lot.

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