Pet keeping-a matter of responsibility and care



Having a pet in the house is the best part of life but it comes with a lot of responsibility. Being animals, they don’t have an idea of how to live and behave in the house so as to avoid discomfort to you. For this proper dog training should be provided to the dogs in the initial stages itself. But during the training period, there are chances where you will face some issues such as the pee issue of the dogs. But the question arises, what should you do, if the dog has peed over your expensive carpet?

Only try to remove pet urine stains yourself if the carpet is not too badly soiled. If you are not able to handle it by yourself, then hire the carpet cleaning companies and professionals who will do it for you. There details can be easily found over the internet.

If this happens, then liquid enters into the carpet, soaks down and spread over it. The spot size seems to be smaller over the carpet than over the flooring and padding. The best way to handle it is by the use of towel and pressure.

Steps to be followed are-

  • Take a folded towel and place it over the spot. Then right over the centre of the spot, keep your toe and stand over it. Thus by the weight of your body will exert the required pressure by which the towel wick up the moisture content from the carpet. Now flip the towel and you will find a big wet area which is created by what is pulled from the carpet. Now use other towel and repeat the process. It has to be done until the towel turns to be dry or nearly dry when it is flipped.
  • Now next step is for removing the stink of the pee from the carpet, various kinds of solutions such as enzyme based treatments, nifty machines and high tech cleaners are available in the market. However, the household old fashioned trick can be economical as well as effective. For this combine the distilled white vinegar and water in a measuring cup in 1:1 ratio. Avoid the apple cider vinegar as it leaves stains over the lighter carpets. Pour the mixture over the affected part of carpet. Let it soak for almost 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Now soak the solution back from the carpet until it dries away. When it will dry neither it will smell like urine nor like vinegar. And your task will be accomplished well.


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