Improve your quality of life with dogs

14067202749_c2c24412be_bDogs are the prime consideration in terms of pet. Generally, people opt for the dogs considering the safety and security of the house and also because of their affectionate attitude. Apart of all these facts, dogs can also help you in improving your life’s quality. Now you must be wondering, how a dog can help you in this respect. Here is the answer-

  • Management of the stress- if you are in contact with a pet, then it creates a calming effect over you which release you from the stress. Dogs have the capability to perceive when you are stressed and when you are not. This is the result of their ability to sense the changes of chemicals in your body such as high cortisone levels; it seems that they know when extra love and care has to be showed.
  • Lowers the blood pressure-in the current scenario, the problem of high blood pressure is quite common. The cause of such problem are-highly stressed occupations, environmental stress and various other stressful situations. The problem of blood pressure and stress are taking a toll over the health of the people. As per the study it has been seen that dog keeping helps in lowering the blood pressure level. For the control of blood pressure stress level should be reduced and a lot of exercise has to be done for the maintenance of the sodium level and balanced diet which is possible with dog’s company.
  • Encourages structured schedule and exercise-dogs, inevitably encourage the owner for more and more exercise as they need to be taken for walk at least once a day. Not only can this even providing dog training to them add to your regular routine. Exercises increase the mood support. A lot of ways exist by which you and your dog do exercise. Also having a fixed schedule for feeding and walk provides a structure to your life and helps in making it easier for being more productive and organised.
  • A reason to socialize-in case, if you have an introvert nature, then by having a dog you can be socialized. Taking you dog on walk brings you in contact with other persons and thus you get to share your views with others and become social. This brings a lot of confidence in you and improves your quality of life. Also they provide companionship which helps in decreasing the feeling of loneliness and fighting depression.

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