How often you should take the dog outside?


So, your children are insisting on buying a puppy. The very first time you see the puppy, it seems so very cute. With much happiness you bring the dog home and to your greatest despair, it relieves in front of you. The damage done to the beautiful living room carpet annoys you. The puppy does not seem to be cute anymore, but you feel like getting rid of it. Housebreaking is an indispensable part of dog training. Once the puppy attains the age of 8-12 weeks, the puppy must know housebreaking. Obedience training is a must and a lot depends on the way the puppy thinks about you. An essential part of dog training is taking it outside so that the puppy knows about the outside world a bit and gets to inhale fresh air. The frequency of taking the dog outside depends on the size and the age of the dog. If the puppy is small, you need to take it outside more often.

Taking the dog outside

A lot many dog lovers do not know how many times to take the dog outside. For smaller puppies, you at least need to take it out for 7-10 times. It is advised that dog owners must train the puppies in a way so that it automatically shows the gesture when wanting to move out. For instance, if the dog is 6lb yorkie, it can scratch the door to show that it wants to be out. It is important to make a systematic routine for taking the dog out. Once early in the morning the dog should be taken out, then in the afternoon and twice in the evening and late evening. At least four times the dog must be allowed to move out irrespective of the size and age. If possible, you must take him out every 2-3 hours. For dogs of 70lbs, he must be allowed to move out for 4-5 times.

How often to take the smaller dog outside?

As the keeper of the dog, you have to understand the exact needs of the dog or puppy. Smaller dogs or puppies have smaller bladders. Hence, such puppies need to move out often. If the dog is smart and if the training is proper, the dog will paw you often. This gesture shows that the puppy is insisting on moving out. Try and look out for different signs to comprehend what the puppy wants.

For proper dog training, make use of the pet door. Different signs and gestures point towards the distinct needs of the puppies and the dogs. Always remain with your dog while the dog is outside. There is no fixed schedule or no prescribed limit when it comes to the number of times you should take the dog outside.

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