Homely Dog Training Tactics


Adopting a puppy is like having a new family member, very much similar to a newborn baby, as it takes almost similar painstaking efforts to take care. It is very hard to let the innocent, incapable of deciphering, understand your words or signals in a way to behave properly and in accordance to our social behavior. In such circumstances it is necessary to follow some of the easy to adopt dog training tips to train your little pup so that they can mix up in your family without annoying you and the other family members.

Some of the common problems which comes up in having a new puppy is to train them for their regular behavior regarding their eating habits or meal scheduling, pooping and the way he behave with family members and outsiders. First two things are very arduous in nature to introduce to your puppy unless not followed under proper progressions. Following one/half hours of dog training daily given below will give you enough suitable results.


  • It is very important to serve your dog at particular place and time and do not change it unless it is not necessary.
  • Always allow your pup to start having his meal only when you are completely done with serving. This would not be an easy task so attain it slowly and start it by buckling him up while you are serving a meal to his platter. Later you can do the same in loosening situation but in both cases make him familiar with a command to start his meal.
  • Never give any of the meal regardless of what you scheduled. Usually you can feed him a thrice a day.
  • While training other stuffs you can offer him an edible piece of anything what he likes to have on successful completion of your command.


  • Firstly, make your puppy familiar to the area where he is suppose to shit and to that take him to the walk nearby your residence within a limited perimeter.
  • Once he made his area marked to poop, you need to step ahead and make him trained to it on proper time, so that whenever you or any other member took him out at the same time he will definitely do the stuff what he was trained for.
  • Dog training is strictly associated with rewarding practice so do not for get to reward your puppy on each successful completion of your given commands.


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