Ensure safety of pets, if alone at home


Dog training is a major step for preventing the dog from doing unwanted activities if the unsupervised situation. Apart from training, here are a few tips to be considered for keeping the pets safe at home when alone.

  • Set the boundaries- the new puppies should spend a few initial days in a restricted area when you are not supervising them. Thus chances are reduced that they would do anything which they should not. If the dog is small and not over hyper or athletic, then you can opt for an exercise pen or baby gate. By this they will be able to see what is going in the house and thus boredom will be alleviated. In case of dogs having large size, make use of closed doors.
  • Keep your cell phone, remote and shoes safely-all those things should be kept safely which you don’t want your dog to mistake for any chew toy. If you have a curious dog, then surely he might turn to be a great motivator for you to keep the house tidy.
  • Cover all the electrical cords- make use of the child safety guards and chew proof covers to properly cover all the unused electrical outlets. There are various cord cover options such as-aquarium tubing, spiral cable wrap, and the chew safe covers.
  • Secure blind covers and curtain-
  • Avoid the medical mistakes-lock all the medicines in the medicine cabinet before leaving the house with the pet. Also the toothpastes and soaps should be out of reach of the pets as they contain the artificial sweetener like xylitol, which is considered to be extremely toxic for the dogs.
  • Make use of a trash can with lid-if your dog has a habit of getting into the trash persistently, then get a trash can or recycle can with lid that latches.
  • Avoid the nightmares of kitchen-after you are done eating and preparing the meal, keep the food away. Make use of the childproof locks over the lower cabinets so as to prevent the dog from getting into toxic cleaners and food items and various other chemicals. The foods which are potentially harmful for the pets’ include-macadamia nuts, raisins, chocolate, avocados, coffee, grapes, and the alcoholic beverages.
  • The toxic plants should be weed out-the houseplants which are poisonous include- pothos, Schefflera, ivy, dieffenbachia, cyclamen, and dracaena. Such plants should be kept away from the reach of dogs as they can cause discomfort and even death if consumed.

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